our history

The StreetDeal project was born almost as a joke in 2004 from the idea of founder Filippo Ferrer to import clothing from the U.S. to sell them to friends in the neighborhood. And so it was, the first months of this adventure are spent selling the items directly from the trunk of the car.

But after few months they wanted to expand their horizons, and created a website (very rudimental), from which it was possible to order the goods, so that SD has become a national reality that let us know from more important companies, such as distributors and industry experts, this knowledge would help us to enter the distribution market just few years later.

After several requests of merchants who wanted to buy our products on wholesale basis and after careful researches, in the 2007 summer we decided to start distributing some European and U.S. Street Wear brands. After the first season only a few brands were able to meet our standards of quality and delivery time, but thanks to these features with just few brands we have been able to enter several shops scattered all over the country.

We are currently looking for new brands who want to impose themselves on the Italian market thanks our network of agents.